Peak Season Fares And Schedule In Effect
The peak season starts May 20, 2019 and will end September 30, 2019.

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Skagit County Announces Ferry Dock Repairs
"Phase 2, is expected to go to bid in June 2019, with construction anticipated to start in September 2019. This project will address a number of items on both docks, including the repair of the apron gusset plates, and replacement of the counterweight cables and sheaves, apron hinge pins, and headframe handrails, among other items." [Read more]

Again At The Bottom Of The Bridge Report
Skagit County Public Works recently released the 2019 Bridge Report. Despite assurances last year that repairs would be made, once again the Guemes Ferry Docks (both sides) are the lowest rated structures ("structurally deficient") in the County. Both have a rating of 24.1 out of 100.
The Baker Creek Bridge is the only lower rated structure at 20.9 and the next lowest is at 48.6. The concern for the dock on Guemes is the apron gusset plate which is badly worn and designated "failure critical", that is "a steel load path member in tension...whose failure would probably cause a portion or the entire bridge to collapse." -Bridge Report. Mr. Randall-Grutter explained that Skagit County has allowed both ferry docks to deteriorate due to "insufficient funds". Public Works says "hopefully next year." [2018]2019 Bridge Report

The Black Bear Left Guemes Island
"“The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife reports one of the first sightings in early April on the east side of Camano Island. The bear walked west and swam across Saratoga Passage, landing on Whidbey Island. Then he walked west where he was spotted at Fort Casey State Park, then turned north and was seen in the Penn Cove area.  He continued walking until he reached water again, at which point he swam Skagit Bay and landed on Fidalgo Island.  From there his journey didn't end. He walked toward Anacortes where he hit the water again and swam to Guemes Island. From there his journey is a bit unknown, but wildlife officials believe he island hopped until he turned up on Orcas Island at Olga...State wildlife officials believe he's probably made another swim and may even be in Canada by now.” - kingtv

Remembering George Rolfe

Remembering Tom Winn

Ferry Tales: Show Me The Money
The Ferry Committee never made policy...(they only have a voice, the same as you and I - the County has no obligation to act on what they say). Incumbent or newly seated, there is still no money for the new ferry... [Read more]

Remembering Jim Morrison
"Jim also enjoyed tending to his tree farm on Guemes, where he continued to work right up to his final day.  He was a jovial character, who liked helping friends and neighbors, and a storyteller, with colorful tales of bygone days in Whatcom County, Anacortes and Guemes Island...."  A Celebration of Life will be held at 2pm, July 28, at the Guemes Island Community Center. [Read more]

Notice of Development Application: O'Neil, May 21
"...critical areas variance application to reduce the standard 110 foot buffer to 55 feet on a Category III wetland..." [Read more]

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 4.30.19

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