Now Borrow Ebooks And Audio Books Free From Guemes Island Library
Islanders can now download eBooks and audio books from a library with thousands of titles.. [Read more]

Remembering Darrel Berg
"...minister for the Guemes Island Community Church...from 1994 until his second retirement in 2008...Darrel...swam in the cold Puget Sound well into his nineties. The harbor seals considered him a curiosity and would often slide closely by to check him out.... [Read more]

Ferry Tales: Survey This!
Harsh words have been said and written regarding the need for a new ferry. Friendships have been strained because of differences in opinion on the subject. Both public and private meetings have been held ad nauseum. Island organizations have endorsed and opposed a new ferry, losing valuable members because of controversy. Editorials written and ignored...[Read more]

Condition and Value Survey Of M/V Guemes
Completed in March 2019, the survey of the ferry's condition finds: "The remaining useful life of the hull structure is estimated at 20-years…The vessel is 40-years old. However, its age is offset by the recent maintenance, refurbishment and renewals completed by the owner. Generally, an asset of this type may be expected to have a 40-year life span. However, the service life can go beyond this average with upgrades and renewals. The recent maintenance and renewals completed by the current owner has added approximately 10 years to the vessel’s serviceable life in its current condition." [Download Report] 5.7mb

Guemes Ferry Operations & Service Survey
Vote for your favorite ferry improvement options by September 15:  . [Read more]

The Fall Festival
Saturday, August 31, 9 am-2 pm, Community Center
.  Local artists will have crafts, secondhand treasures, garden-grown produce, flower bouquets, bake sale, hot dogs and lemonade. All proceeds from the bake sale and vendors go to the Betty Crookes Guemes Gold Scholarship. [Read more]

State Attorney General Sues Navy Over Increased Whidbey Jet Flights
The Attorney General’s Office asserts that the Navy’s environmental review process for the expansion unlawfully failed to measure the impacts to public health and wildlife in communities on and around Whidbey Island….The number of airfield flights would increase to nearly 100,000 annual take-offs and landings, for an estimated 30 years. [Read more]

Burn Ban In Effect
A modified burn ban for all residential and land clearing fires in unincorporated Skagit County is in effect until further notice. [Read more]

Skagit County Announces Ferry Dock Repairs
July 31: "The Ferry Terminal Winch Replacement Project is in the construction phase. Our Contractor, American Construction, Inc. is waiting on the fabrication of the winch drums, which has taken longer than anticipated. Installation is expected by the end of August."
"The Ferry Terminal Maintenance – Phase 2 Project is nearing the end of the design phase. We have completed the final review of the design drawings and are in the process of writing the bid specifications. We anticipate bidding the project in late August/early September with repairs starting later this fall."

"Phase 2, is expected to go to bid in June 2019, with construction anticipated to start in September 2019. This project will address a number of items on both docks, including the repair of the apron gusset plates, and replacement of the counterweight cables and sheaves, apron hinge pins, and headframe handrails, among other items." [Read more]

Again At The Bottom Of The Bridge Report
Skagit County Public Works recently released the 2019 Bridge Report. Despite assurances last year that repairs would be made, once again the Guemes Ferry Docks (both sides) are the lowest rated structures ("structurally deficient") in the County. Both have a rating of 24.1 out of 100.
The Baker Creek Bridge is the only lower rated structure at 20.9 and the next lowest is at 48.6. The concern for the dock on Guemes is the apron gusset plate which is badly worn and designated "failure critical", that is "a steel load path member in tension...whose failure would probably cause a portion or the entire bridge to collapse." -Bridge Report. Mr. Randall-Grutter explained that Skagit County has allowed both ferry docks to deteriorate due to "insufficient funds". Public Works says "hopefully next year." [2018]2019 Bridge Report

Notice of Development Decision: Sturgill
Notice of Development Decision: Souders

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 8.12.19

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Guemes Island Historical Society

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Building The Stage

Rick Norrie, John Strathman, Jep Burdock and Tom Fouts work on the stage.


Tom Fouts works on the stage.